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Travel Tech Review | SIGG Active Top Water Bottle

As far as travel tech goes, one of my essentials is a good water bottle to throw in my travel bag. SIGG is definitely one of my favorite brands when it comes to aluminum water bottles. I find that they resist denting much better than other brands. So when I found out that they incorporated an active top to their bottles, I was nerding out to get my hands on one.

Here’s my TSO Breakdown of the SIGG Active Top Water Bottle:


The sturdy construction of this bottle is a plus and a minus. While it can take a beating, it also takes up more space than a collapsible water bottle. However, if you have a bag with a dedicated water bottle space, this is a great pick. If you are someone who tends to throw your water bottle into a bag full of gym clothes/sneakers, it might gross you out that the mouthpiece doesn’t fold down like the CamelBack spout does. So it’s exposure to dirt/germs might increase. It doesn’t bother me though. Despite always being out, the spout is completely water-tight. You just bite and suck to allow liquid to pass through. So no dripping in your bag!


As far as water bottles go, this bottle is sexy enough…if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s rugged without feeling militaristic. It comes in a TON of colors to suit different personalities. However, you will get some sideways looks when you start sucking on the spout in the plane or subway. It just looks funny. I personally don’t care, but some people might feel self conscious about it.


It holds water and has a drinkable spout. Nothing too mind-blowingly complicated about that. BUT……there is an innovation on the lid of this water bottle that made this seltzer drinker incredibly happy. For us carbonation addicts, they have created a dial on the top of the bottle with 4 settings: Open (to drink), Closed (to…not…drink…), Clean (the top comes apart, which allows you to really give the top a thorough cleaning), and….drumroll please….the “Air” setting which allows a small amount of air pressure to be released through the top while still keeping the bottle spill proof. This keeps the air pressure on the inside from building up too high, while keeping our delicious soda carbonated! I’m in love.

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