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Travel Tech Review | Flingin Frogs from Patch Products

Travel Tech Review | Flingin' FrogsFlingin Frogs is one of my favorite products, because it’s portable, great for kids, and can turn into an amazing drinking game for adults. What’s not to love!?

Patch Products hits a home run with this ultra portable game that pits up to 4 players against each other, trying to fling small plastic frogs onto a multi-tiered lily pad. A ton of fun on its own, adults will get a kick out of turning the 4 & up game into a drinking game they can enjoy with friends.

Simply go around taking turns flingin frogs.

When you get a frog on a lily pad, you delegate drinks out to your friends.

If someone gets a frog into the flower on top of the pads, EVERYONE drinks!

When someone flings a frog and it falls off the table, if someone catches it in their hand before it hits the ground, the person who flung it has to drink.

Simple, fun, and all the pieces fit inside itself!

CAUTION: The frogs can be a choking hazard to little ones!


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