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While I’d love to chit chat with my family for the entirety of our 14-hour road trips, I’m going to go ahead and assume that I’ll need a break from hearing about grandma’s swollen knee. I used to rock a book on tape, but nothing puts me to sleep faster than Morgan Freeman reading Crime and Punishment. So when I need to fast forward the trip by an hour or two, my go-to fix is stand-up comedy. Nothing makes the time pass faster! If you’re looking for some travel advice on how to make your next road trip or flight go faster, download a few of my favorite time-passers below:

Family Friendly:

Mike Birbiglia – Two Drink Mike

Mike Birbiglia’s 2006 debut put him on the comedy radar in a big way. His dry self-deprecating humor about just how awkward of a human being he is, will have you wondering why you hadn’t heard of him before. His follow ups My Secret Public Journal Live (2007) and Sleepwalk With Me Live (2011) are both just as solid, despite a small handfull of recycled jokes throughout the trilogy.

Jim Gaffigan – Beyond The Pale

Jim Gaffigan is another fantastic deadpan comedian who’s breakout album, Beyond The Pale (2006), came out in 2006 and claimed him as the king of “Food Comedy.” While logic tells us that there’s no way we can laugh for an entire hour at food jokes, Jim proves logic wrong by engaging in conversations with himself and investigating America’s obsession with food and eating. Check out his follow up albums King Baby (2009) and Mr. Universe (2012)

Brian Regan – Brian Regan Live

An oldie but a goodie, Brian Regan Live (1997) is one of those guilty pleasures that I keep coming back to over and over again. He’s managed to do what Dane Cook couldn’t; Have an over-the-top energy routine without being a major douche.


Dave Attell – Skanks for the Memories

Host of Comedy Central’s Insomniac, Dave Attell came out with Skanks for the Memories in 2003 and I keep coming back for his demented observations and hilarious stories of self defilement. This album is the perfect warm up for…

Doug Stanhope – Something To Take The Edge Off

Doug Stanhope might be one of the crudest, grossest comedians out there…but damn it if he doesn’t have an INCREDIBLE way of getting to the truth of humanity. If you aren’t afraid of dark comedy, Doug Stanhope is King! His first two albums Something To Take The Edge Off and Die Laughing are my favorites.

Mitch Fatel – Miniskirts and Muffins

Miniskirts and Muffins (2004) is the debut album of Mitch Fatel who, for lack of a a better description, creates an incredible set of comedy by mixing a “I think there’s something wrong with him” persona with an entire routine about sex. He is a master at not only wooing the audience, but turning unwanted heckling into a part of the show. His second album Super Retardo (2009) is just as creepy.

My name is Spencer Howard, and I’m an Concierge/Host/Drunk who has spent the majority of the past 9 years on the road, hopping from hotel to hotel for months at a time. Through trial and mostly error, I’ve become what the airport security line calls an “Expert Traveler.” (It makes my Mother proud) But for those of us who go beyond occasional puddle jumper and enter the world of Hotel Homebody, it takes more than a complimentary mint and a flat screen TV to warm the cockles of our hearts. I hope you have insurance, because I'm gonna be throwing some knowledge bombs at your face. **Feel free to contact me with your questions about Travel Gadgets & Gear**

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