Giveaway | New York Phew York Children’s Book

Giveaway | New York Phew York!

I’m incredibly excited to be doing a giveaway featuring my good friend and colleague’s new scratch n’ sniff children’s book, “New York PHEW York!” Amber C. Jones must have had one of those “How has no one done this yet!?” moments when she started her Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of her book, because it has quickly become obvious that the idea is brilliant.

The book takes you on a journey through the boroughs of NYC through the eyes of a young visiter in town with his family. They befriend a hotel concierge who tells them all the sights (and smells) they need to experience to get the real New York City experience…good and bad. From pizza to the sewer, and bagels to asphalt, this book is truly an adventure for the senses!

Enter to win an autographed copy below!

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