Ohyo Collapsible Water Bottle

Ohyo Collapsible Water Bottle | Travel Tech Review

Ohyo Collapsible Water Bottle |

Travel Tech Review

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Ohyo: It’s Better When You Suck

Collapsible Water Bottles are one of my favorite pieces of travel tech. Not only do they save you money because you don’t have to buy overpriced airport water, but they also are great for the environment. You just want to make sure you keep the security line moving smoothly by emptying the bottle first!

The folks over at Aquatina have come out with a new and improved collapsible water bottle and they decided to give it a new name: OHYO.

While the improvement is something as simple as a pop-out spout, it solves one of the biggest annoyances with its predecessor, the Aquatina Bottle, which is it eliminates having to use two hands to open the screw top to drink from it. That means you don’t have to put down your copy of Us Weekly to take a sip of whatever it is you choose to transport in the Ohyo! Simple, but huge. You also used to have to unscrew the top to expand or collapse the bottle. Now you can just lift the spout! Perfect for lazy bastards like me. The spout also makes it a lot safer to drink while on the move through an airport. The wide mouth of the Aquatina was prone to spillage unless I parked it for a minute. The bottle is also made out of dishwasher-safe BPA-free plastic, which makes cleaning it a breeze!

Despite this vast improvement of the spout, I still have a few issues with the bottle that I would love to see fixed next.

*Before I get into that, I’d like to point out that I’ve yet to find a collapsible water bottle that is perfect. They all seem to sacrifice SOMETHING in order to be collapsible, which is understandable, but still makes me grouchy. So take what I say next accordingly.*

The accordion structure of the bottle is what makes it collapsible. Makes sense, right? What drives me nuts though is the fact that the last few sips of your beverage get trapped by the bottom of the bottle! I’ve yet to find a simple way to get to it! Luckily I’m usually just drinking water from it, but god help anyone in arms reach the day that precious wine or tequila gets trapped down there! I’ll get violent.  My second issue is the mere fact that sipping from a spout makes me look ridiculous. Of course, I lost any shame I had years ago, so I don’t really care. But for someone heading into a business meeting, I don’t know if you’re going to want to be seen wrapping your lips around this thing.

The bottom line is, as long as you don’t mind sipping through a spout and having some trouble getting the last couple sips of water out, this is a well-made, BPA-Free, Earth-friendly collapsible water bottle that, when collapsed, takes up about as much room in your bag as a delicious coffee cake muffin…mmmmm

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