How to Ace Airport Security | Travel Advice

How to Ace Airport Security | Travel Advice

How to Ace Airport Security | Travel Advice

Travel Advice | How To Ace Airport Security

We’ve all been there. We all know the feeling. We’re busy checking our email on our phone in line for airport security and the next thing we know we’re all the way at the front and we still have our shoes on and our laptop is buried in our bag. We can feel the heat on the back of our necks from the angry glare of the douche behind us who is running late and ready to take it out on us. Never again after you read TripKnowledgy’s latest travel advice!

Here is my simple checklist to keep you moving through security like my morning coffee.

1. The first step starts at home, while you’re packing for your flight. Your laptop and liquids should be the last thing you pack to ensure they are sitting on the top and easy to grab. If your bag has a dedicated outer pocket that your laptop fits into, even better. I’m obsessed with Travelpro Luggage and think it’s TOTALLY worth the extra dough. The key is to KISS (keep it simple, stupid). Also, do everything in your power to avoid wearing shoes with laces. Being able to slip your shoes on and off can shave precious seconds off your security time. And let’s be honest, ever second we can avoid hanging around those happy security employees, the better. For guys, I’m a huge fan of the Lacoste Men’s Bonand 2 Slip-On Loafer and for women, check out the Silky Toes Womens Foldable Ballet Flats

2. The second step involves getting your head out of your ass. As you’re approaching the font of the line, take a second to assess your situation. Put your phone away, take your headphones off, lose the watch/bracelet, and begin moving anything that might be in your pant or shirt pockets into your jacket or bag. Don’t be that guy who forgot to take out his keys…and wallet…and glasses…

3. Next in line? Take the belt off NOW…before you forget…

OK! You’re up!

4. Grab 2 trays:

a. First tray is for your laptop (and ONLY your laptop. No other items can be in the tray with your laptop). Put it on the counter first so there’s NO way you’ll forget it on the other side….Like I have….

b. In the second tray, toss in those slip on shoes first so they don’t get your clothing dirty. Remember that coat/bag you just filled with everything from your pockets? Throw that in there too! Now there’s no fear about forgetting something in the bottom of a tray! (but don’t get cocky…still check behind you just to MAKE SURE!)

5. Be courteous. Wait until your trays are about to go through the scanner to toss your carry-on onto the belt, giving passengers behind you more room for trays, making the whole experience go faster for EVERYONE!

6. Once you’re through the scanner, toss your jacket on, slip on your shoes and put your laptop away. DO NOT PUT YOUR BELT ON at security. I’ve yet to meet anyone who can put on their belt quickly enough to keep traffic moving smoothly.

7. After double checking the bins, walk over to the benches and put your belt back on and put everything back in the proper pockets.

8. Hit the airport bar. This is the most important step.

My name is Spencer Howard, and I’m an Concierge/Host/Drunk who has spent the majority of the past 9 years on the road, hopping from hotel to hotel for months at a time. Through trial and mostly error, I’ve become what the airport security line calls an “Expert Traveler.” (It makes my Mother proud) But for those of us who go beyond occasional puddle jumper and enter the world of Hotel Homebody, it takes more than a complimentary mint and a flat screen TV to warm the cockles of our hearts. I hope you have insurance, because I'm gonna be throwing some knowledge bombs at your face. **Feel free to contact me with your questions about Travel Gadgets & Gear**

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