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Travel Advice | Fridge Comes FirstEvery so often I’ll be talking with a fellow road warrior and I’ll casually throw out a comment that turns out to be a golden nugget of travel wisdom that I never realized was unknown to most other people. These tips might not all deserve a video of their own, so I’ve decided that, in addition to putting out a monthly video blog, I’ll also be putting out a monthly travel advice article!

These will not be in any particular order, so don’t start looking for any special meaning or anything…Trip Tip:
Call the hotel BEFORE you get there and ask for a fridge.

This tip is especially important if you are traveling with a group (Casts, Crews, Retreats, etc)! Hotels are much more likely to fork over a chill box before a wave of people check in and start making demands. If they have 30 refrigerators in the back, once they’re down to about 10, they’ll start hoarding them for the top paying customers.

If, after pleading NICELY, they still don’t give you a fridge….if you have a darker soul than I….you can tell them that you have medications that need refrigerating. While I’ve never stooped to this, I know some people who have to much success. Just be prepared for them to say, “We have a staff fridge that we’d be happy to put the medications in.”

There…I said it….I feel dirty.

My name is Spencer Howard, and I’m an Concierge/Host/Drunk who has spent the majority of the past 9 years on the road, hopping from hotel to hotel for months at a time. Through trial and mostly error, I’ve become what the airport security line calls an “Expert Traveler.” (It makes my Mother proud) But for those of us who go beyond occasional puddle jumper and enter the world of Hotel Homebody, it takes more than a complimentary mint and a flat screen TV to warm the cockles of our hearts. I hope you have insurance, because I'm gonna be throwing some knowledge bombs at your face. **Feel free to contact me with your questions about Travel Gadgets & Gear**

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