2014 Travel Gift Guide

TripKnowledgy’s 2014 Travel Gift Guide

Welcome to TripKnowledgy’s Travel Gift Guide

The Olloclip ($79.99) This 4-in-1 photo lens for the iPhone 4, 5 & 6 has 4 advance optic lenses that work on both the front AND rear-facing cameras to take your photos and selfies to a whole new level. Lenses include fisheye, wide angle, macro 10x & macro 15x. (Click Photo to Purchase)

(DISCONTINUED) BLUESMART CARRY-ON BAG ($429, limited time offer) Innovation in the luggage industry has been almost non-existent. The Bluesmart Carry-On Bag changes that, re-imagining the suitcase to solve all the problems of the modern traveler. This high-quality piece of luggage is controlled from your smartphone and allows you to lock and unlock it, weigh it, track its location, be notified if you are leaving it behind, or even charge your phone with its built in battery. Smart luggage for the smart traveler. (Click Photo to Purchase)

Bose QuietComfort 25 ($299) Bose has retired the popular QuietComfort 15s in favor of the new QuietComfort 25 headphones. The sleeker QC 25s deliver improved active noise-cancelling technology, refined audio quality and up to 35 hours of battery life. All in a sexy, redesigned frame. (Click Photo to Purchase)

Queasy Drops
Queasy Pops – (Prices start at $5) Nauseous travelers, rejoice! Queasy Pops look and taste like ordinary lollies, but they’re made with essential oils designed to keep you away from the barf bag. Even if you’re not feeling motion sickness, the act of sucking will keep your ears from popping during takeoff and landing. (Click Photo to Purchase)
BatteryBox Macbook Charger
(Discontinued) BatteryBox – ($139.95, limited time offer) Power your Macbook anywhere. A portable battery that fits into the palm of your hand, and has enough juice for 12 hours of Macbook Air, 6 hours of Macbook Pro, or 80 hours for your iPhone. (Click Photo to Purchase)
So you love sriracha. Who doesn’t? But unfortunately, not every establishment keeps this famed rooster sauce on hand for the chili enthusiast. Sriracha2Go solves this problem by making it easy to carry your own with you wherever you go. Measuring 4.5 inches by 1.6 inches, this small container holds 1.25 ounces of the delicious red stuff, and includes a built-in clip for attaching it to a keychain, bag, or belt loop. (Click Photo to Purchase)
Sony Alpha a7s Digital Camera
Sony Alpha a7s ($2,498, frame only)
If your budget stretches to it, the Alpha a7S has plenty to offer. This 12.2 megapixel full-frame camera has a mind-blowing 50-409,600 ISO which means taking photos even in the dimmest light is a snap. It shoots 4K video and is compatible with Sony’s E-mount lenses. (Click Photo to Purchase)
Macbook Air
Apple Macbook Air (Starting at $839)
If you don’t want to lug a big computer in your carry-on bag, this sexy machine could be the best balance between portability and productivity and allow you to write your travel blog or edit your adventure documentary while on the road. (Click Photo to Purchase)
Kyte & Key Cabelet iPhone Charging Cable
(Discontinued) Kyte&Key Braided Leather Cabelet ($69.99)
iPhone users finally have an attractive way to never be without a lightening cable ever again! The genuine braided leather band on this bracelet conceals a lightening cable. hidden under its stainless steel metal clasp. Form AND function, just like the iPhone. (Click Photo to Purchase)
Scratch Map
Scratch Map ($38)
Scratch Map is brilliant. Its the perfect way to show off where you’ve been travelling while livening up your wall with a colorful world map. Scratch Map is a amazingly high quality, massive wall map, featuring a gold top foil layer. Why? So you can scratch off all the places you’ve visited to reveal a whole new world below, featuring vivid color and geographical detail. (Click Photo to Purchase)
VinniBag ($28)
What wino wouldn’t want a reusable, inflatable travel bag that protect and insulate wine bottles?!?! Bring home that amazing bottle of wine from Sonoma! (Click Photo to Purchase)
Bose soundlink Bluetooth Speakers
Bose Soundlink Color ($129)
Bose finally brings a worthy ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker to the field with the Soundlink Color speaker. Small but powerful, this bad boy is durable and fits in your backpack. It also comes in a range of colors to fit your taste! (Click Photo to Purchase)
Jackey Giant Portable Charger
(Discontinued) Jackery Giant ($29.95)
This large capacity portable external battery has dual output ports and 12,000mAh for lengthening mobile device battery life up to 500% for smart phones. Size, style and speed make this most powerful external rechargeable battery to-date. (Click Photo to Purchase)
GeniusPack Micro Umbrella
Genius Pack Micro Umbrella ($22.99)
This umbrella is so small, you’ll forget you even threw it in your bag! But don’t be fooled by its size, it’s got a durable, wind-resistant construction and auto open/close! (Click Photo to Purchase)
Netatmo June UV Monitor Bracelet
(Discontinued) June UV Monitoring Bracelet ($99)
Off on a jaunt to the beach? The Netatmo June measures the sun levels you’re exposing yourself to and sends protection alerts to a Bluetooth-paired iPhone. A water-resistant UV sensor set beneath a plastic jewel reads the current conditions outside and combines that with a sun-sensitivity rating based on your skin tone, eye color and hair color to recommend an appropriate sunscreen. (Click Photo to Purchase)
Plantronics Backbeat Pro Bluetooth Headphones
Plantronics BackBeat Pro ($164.95)
Plantronics packs great-sounding audio into a comfy pair of Bluetooth headphones. These cans also deliver effective active noise-cancelling technology, a range of up to 300 feet and up to 24 hours of battery life with continuous playing capability. Plus, you can easily switch between a phone and tablet for listening. Add in the ability to control how much ambient noise you hear, and you have a pair of headphones that are practically perfect for travelers and techies alike. (Click Photo to Purchase)

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